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Chief doctors at Zakarpattia hospitals treating corona patients are ringing the alarm over a rapid increase of the hospital load in the region.

At a joint briefing with the head of the Zakarpattia Regional State Administration, they reported a significant increase in infection and mortality rate, reports

Chief Physician at the Uzhgorod Central City Clinical Hospital, Ivan Kurakh, said an additional 190 beds have already been deployed, while patients are being hospitalized in serious condition. Ninety-six patients remain in the hospital on oxygen support, while for 11 inpatients this is the second time they contracted corona.

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Chief Physician ay the Novak Regional Clinical Hospital, Yuriy Yatsyna noted that by the end of the week the region's healthcare system could face a collapse.

"Today in our institution, there are 120 patients in need of oxygen therapy. Sixty of them must be treated in intensive care. Meanwhile, our intensive care unit has only six beds, and it is impossible to expand it. Every day our institution employs 25-30 oxygen cylinders, and this morning there were only five left," he said.

Yatsyna urged people to "come to their senses" and stop spreading the disease.

"Just put on a mask and keep your distance – it's not that difficult! Help us, because at the end of the week we will have a collapse!" said Yatsyna.

Read alsoKyiv to remain in orange quarantine zone two months, official saysChief Physician of the Regional Clinical Infectious Diseases Hospital, Mykhailo Polyak said 12 local residents die from the coronavirus every day. At the same time, over the past week, the number of new cases increased by 24%.

According to Polyak, the incidence among children has increased by 5%. All intensive care wards in the facility are fully occupied.

The Ministry of Health says the hospitalization rate per 100,000 population in Zakarpattia as of March 7 stood at 96.1. At the same time, 71.3% of beds with oxygen supply are occupied – the highest share across country.

On March 7, 307 new infected were found in Transcarpathia. The region is one of the "leaders" in terms of bed occupancy, since March 8 it was transferred to the red zone of quarantine restrictions.

Coronavirus in Ukraine: Latest stats

In Ukraine, 5,572 new cases were confirmed over the past day, March 7, while 106 lethal cases were reported.

Over the entire time of the pandemic, 1,406,800 people contracted COVID-19 in Ukraine, while 27,128 died.