The Ministry of Culture and Information Policy has proposed that the government ease quarantine rules for organizing and holding concerts this summer.

That's according to Minister Oleksandr Tkachenko who spoke at a government meeting on May 26.

The proposal suggests allowing attendance at music shows and various art events for visitors presenting a negative COVID-19 test run no earlier than 72 hours prior or a full vaccination certificate.

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Read alsoCOVID-19 in Ukraine: Over 3,300 new cases reported as of May 26The same facilitations could apply to cafes, restaurants, and other catering establishments.

Tkachenko noted that the amendments put forward to the government decree ask to allow citizens of "certain" countries to cross in.

In Ukraine, an adaptive quarantine is in place.

This means the government has divided the country's regions into separate "zones" – green, red, orange, and yellow - depending on the level of COVID spread.

Social distancing and mask rules have been enforced in Ukraine, while certain restrictions apply to mass events.