A total of 80% believe they have not contracted COVID-19 yet / Photo from UNIAN

Some 16% of Ukrainians believe they have already had the COVID-19 coronavirus disease.

These are findings of a poll recently conducted by the Rating Sociological Group.

"Some 16% of the respondents believe they have already had COVID-19. A total of 80% believe they have not contracted it yet, while 4% found it difficult to answer the question. Relatively more of those who said they had contracted the virus were recorded in cities and the middle-aged group (30-59 years)," the findings show.

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Read alsoOver 40% of Ukrainians ready to get free COVID-19 vaccine – pollAccording to the survey, 51% of the pollees are often interested in news about the coronavirus, 26% are interested in it sometimes, and 12% rarely. At the same time, 10% of the respondents are not interested in this information at all. People of older-age groups show more interest in such news. In dynamics, the significance of news reports about the coronavirus is gradually decreasing.

Compared to previous rounds of surveys, the level of anxiety over the fact that the respondents personally or their relatives will get sick has decreased. In particular, about 40% are worried that they will personally contract COVID-19 (57% in November 2020). Some 78% are worried about the possibility of contracting the virus by their relatives and friends (87% in November). Elderly people and women are more concerned about such possibility.

Mechanics of the poll

  • The poll was conducted on January 14-16 through computer-assisted telephone interviews (CATI) using a random selection of cell numbers.
  • The sample is representative of the adult population (aged 18 and older).
  • Some 1,600 respondents were polled in all regions of Ukraine except Crimea and other Russia-occupied parts of Ukraine, namely certain districts in Donetsk and Luhansk regions.
  • The margin of error does not exceed 2.4%.