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Hit by a third wave of the pandemic, Ukraine has found itself among European countries with the highest pace of coronavirus spread.

Most of all new cases are being recorded in Italy, Poland, and Ukraine, TSN reports.

In the first week of spring, the number of new confirmed cases increased by 10,000 against the last week of February.

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Such a high pace is associated with a new, UK strain of the virus. It has already been found in the western part of Ukraine.

The mutated "UK" and "South African" strains have a short incubation period of one to three days, they are three times more infectious, while fewer asymptomatic or mild forms of the disease are recorded, along with higher mortality.

Meanwhile, a fully equipped mobile hospital, which was deployed in the Carpathian region at the Bohorodchanska district hospital two weeks ago, has not yet started to admit patients.

So far the base hospital still has vacant beds to offer patients.

This morning, however, the hospital load has approached a critical point with only 26 vacant beds remaining of 250.

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