Lviv to introduce tough quarantine from March 19 / Photo from UNIAN

A tough quarantine will be introduced in the city of Lviv from March 19 until March 28.

"[It is] a hard but extremely necessary decision by the emergency situations commission. Why did we decide not to wait for the Cabinet of Ministers to take such a decision and pass it independently? The dynamics of hospitalization of critically ill patients do not go down. We must do everything necessary to prevent the collapse of the city's healthcare system. This is the time, during which we will be able to equip more beds in hospitals and clinics. It is also the only way to break the chain of the spread of the disease," Lviv Mayor Andriy Sadovyi wrote on Facebook.

What will change from March 19?

According to the mayor, students of primary school will go on vacation, while those of high school will be switched to distance learning.

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Read alsoCOVID-19: Over 11,800 new cases reported as of March 17, daily deaths hit new highAll cultural institutions will be shut down: theaters, cinemas, museums, concert venues. Catering establishments will work in takeout or delivery mode; stores selling households goods will operate only in pre-order mode; while beauty salons and gyms will work by individual appointment only.

Grocery stores, pharmacies, and pet stores in the shopping malls will remain open. All public events in the city are postponed.

COVID-19 in Lviv region: Latest developments

  • To date, Lviv region is part of the orange quarantine zone.
  • As of March 17, 2021, some 43,229 cases have been recorded in the city (+497 over the past day).
  • The total number of cases in Lviv region since the beginning of the epidemic is 89,008 (+884 over the past day).