Ukraine health authorities reported 3,620 new daily COVID-19 cases as of the morning of May 17.

That's including 172 children and 60 medics, according to the data published on the health ministry's Coronavirus_info Telegram channel.

A total of 2,208 patients were admitted to hospitals; 3,845 patients were discharged, and 7,921 – recovered.

Видео дня

Read alsoLithuania to provide Ukraine with 100,000 doses of COVID-19 vaccineAt the same time, 133 lethal cases were reported across country over the past day.

The largest number of confirmed cases was registered in Dnepropetrovsk (530), Kyiv (277), Donetsk (260), Odesa (231), and Kherson (194) regions.

Over the past day, 17,389 PCR tests were run, as well as 3,848 ELISA tests, and 17,674 antibody tests.

In general, since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic in Ukraine, 2,153,864 people have fallen ill; 1,857,724 people have recovered; and 48,075 patients have died. The total number of PCR tests run has reached 9,841,788.

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