The Chernivtsi governor says the situation is very critical in his region, as the number of newly confirmed COVID-19 cases has been growing fast.

Chairman of Chernivtsi Regional State Administration Serhiy Osachuk announced this in a video address posted on Facebook on February 17.

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"The situation with the spread of the coronavirus in our region is very threatening," he said.

Every day, 400 new COVID-19 patients are confirmed and more than 100 are hospitalized in the region, while more than 80% of beds in local hospitals are occupied, he said.

"This is the first time when we face such loads on our healthcare system, as we have been constantly increasing the number of beds for coronavirus patients. If before the occupancy rate was 50% of the total number of beds (900), now we have more than 50% of the total number of the beds allocated for coronavirus patients, which is 1,700 beds," he said.

The current situation could make the local authorities decide on the closure of all educational institutions in the region for at least the next two weeks, he said. In particular, the official said, Chernivtsi Regional State Administration on February 17 received an "urgent recommendation" from the Education and Science Ministry to shut down schools over the coronavirus epidemic. According to Osachuk, the recommendation applies to both institutions of general secondary education and special vocational education, as well as higher educational institutions.

Vaccination of healthcare workers in Chernivtsi region

Infection disease doctor Olha Kobevko says that many doctors in Chernivtsi region have refused to get vaccinated against the coronavirus. She says it may be related to the fact that certain members of the local government have said they do not want to be vaccinated.

"Their refusal [to get vaccinated] translates into doctors' doubts," she said.

Coronavirus in Chernivtsi region

  • Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, 49,141 coronavirus patients have been confirmed in the region. As of February 17, more than 42,000 patients had recovered from the disease. The death toll was 932 people.